The Dream Center

Who we are

Dream Center Bismarck is a faith-based charitable organization that finds and fills the needs of struggling people. The Dream Center aims to not only meet immediate needs by providing in-house meals through The Banquet but will also focus on the successful transformation of lives, all free of charge to those in need.

"Find a need & Fill it"

Our Vision

To accept people where they are and connect them with community resources, creating HOPE and empowering them to rebuild and transform their lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people to a community of support by offering free resources and services that address immediate and long-term needs. Partner agencies and the Dream Center will work in many different areas including nutrition, employment, and health & dental as well as areas of poverty, addiction, abuse, and generational dysfunction. The Dream Center serves as a resource center focused on working together with others in our community to find creative solutions through community outreach programs. Strategically located in the highest need area of Bismarck, the 24,000 square foot Dream Center Bismarck facility will be easily accessible to many of the people we serve.